Just start.

Get things rolling first, worry about steering them into the right direction after.

The above really is the mindset I’ll have to get myself into (and stay in!). There are so many things I “planned to do” or am “figuring out how to approach best”, that it becomes paralyzing and I end up retreating to work on what feels most safe and comfortable at the time. Currently that would be my backlog of unfinished 3d assets that accumulated over the past years. They are fun to work on and I’ve settled into a workflow to get them wrapped up, ready to be put into various stores.

One of the models I’ve finally brushed up and listed in all of my storefronts.

Yet again, as soon as they are at that point, it’s hard to get myself started on creating the needed promo materials like screenshots, store listings and most of all, picking a price, for what feels like too many different storefronts by now as well. Especially with no real sales coming in from any of them yet. It’s much easier for me to just pick the next model to complete and feel like I’m doing good, actual work that way instead.

Which brings me to the main point. While it is valuable and important for me to save all those projects from in-progress hell, to have product to sell, truth is that what I should do, what I need to do, is begin to build a presence and properly market myself and my work. The one thing I’ve been subconsciously dodging for far too long, for various reasons and in various ways.

Now, thankfully I don’t have to worry about spoilage in this new and glorious virtual world and it also created many new forms of how to make a living (some which would previously have been considered ridiculous). At the same time this freedom adds to choice paralysis. My interests range from drawing, painting and sculpting, each of them digitally and traditionally, to photography, making games, woodworking, all other sorts of crafting, cooking and baking. The list goes on.

My appetite to try new things is big, but it’s also costly in time, energy and money. Those are already spread rather thin as it is and with my failure to turn either of my skills into a proper income so far, I need to focus and keep myself in check.

Or so I thought. Just like I thought that my work spanning such a wide range would be a problem when it comes to building a “brand”. Recently however and especially due to friends and people I’ve met encouraging me in different ways, I have started to consider that maybe it really is enough to be me. That there might be no need for a constructed brand, but that simply showing off all the different things I’ve done and do could be appealing and even fascinating in itself and lead to me making a career out of what I enjoy spending my time on.

Being silly and making people laugh with my art is one of the best parts of it.

So instead of planning out a grand scheme and failing to follow through, I’ll just start. With posts like this, with old stuff, with new stuff, maybe some random thoughts about whatever I have going on at the time. I hope you’ll find value in what I have to offer and keep coming back, even if only for your complementary slice of pie.

Enjoy your piece of delicious Lemon Meringue Tart.

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