A table for…

…1:6? I’ve been looking through my backup folders and old projects, picking this little table as the next subject to show on here. I made it in 2011 for my niece, sized to go with the Barbies she played with at the time. Back then I posted my projects on a woodworking site (https://www.lumberjocks.com/HorstPeter), which I used to visit daily and rather enjoyed the project gallery, feedback and community too. Although I don’t remember why I stopped being a regular, it brings to the forefront once again how time and energy consuming it can be to stay active in even just one community, devoted to a specific craft. Add up various interests and all the different platforms available today and it’s very easy to have your work, as well as yourself end up fragmented.

That had been my main consideration for (re)starting my own site as a central hub, next to not being dependent on a third party. As interesting as it was to read my past project description and musings, I’m not someone to mirror old words…

…, but much rather look at the past illuminated by all the life lessons learned since then. So instead of simply migrating the projects to over here, I’ll back them up off-site while using them as a base…

…for new blog entries, possibly post-mortems to examine how something held up, or could’ve been improved. In this particular case, there really isn’t much to report though. The specimen is alive and well, all parts still attached to where they should be.

It’s one of those pieces that bring me a little happiness whenever I get to pick it up again. Just something about a table you can lift with one hand and admire its glossy, hand polished shellac finish.

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